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“VAGABONDS STANDART 02 Yasumasa Morimura” Artist Biography


Yasumasa Morimura


Contemporary artist.


Morimura is known for self-portraits, in which he recreates Western paintings by Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Rembrandt and the likes. He also picks subjects outside the field of art, constantly releasing works in which he plays a variety of people ranging from actresses such as Madonna and Marilyn Monroe to icons of the times such as Mao Zedong or Yukio Mishima.


In 1991, Morimura held his first solo exhibition in New York (Luhring Augustine) and has been holding exhibitions regularly since then. Additionally, he is also active as a writer and has published many essays and critiques as well as catalogues.


Morimura will be serving as artistic director for the 2014 Yokohama Triennale.

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