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Paintings of Painting by Teppei Takeda

Teppei Takeda is a painter whose abstract approach to painting have recently attracted a lot of attention in the art community. Totally unknown to this day, his series Paintings of Painting have been praised in Japan and overseas.


Teppei Takeda was born in 1978 in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture. After graduating from Musashino Art University, Teppei Takeda worked at Makoto Saito Design Office, led by well-known art director Makoto Saito. Teppei Takeda went back to Yamagata to set up his atelier in 2005 and devoted his time to painting, for more than 10 years since then. This was when he began this series of abstract portraits called “Painting of Painting”. They depict  beauty that can only be shown in painting.


The design of this book is by Fabien Baron. Called "the most sought-after creative director in the world" by Vanity Fair, Fabien Baron has worked on fashion campaigns for Calvin Klein, Dior, Zara, just to name a few. He was also the creative director of Interview magazine, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. A common pursuit of perfectionism brings their respective aesthetics in this book. Based on Takeda’s artistic process, the cover features a special design that is wrapped in a full-size poster - offering a realistic experience of the painting. The text is in Japanese and English.

絵画のための絵画 003(2014年).jpg
絵画のための絵画 018(2018年).jpg
絵画のための絵画 008(2016年).jpg
絵画のための絵画 013(2017年).jpg

Full-size poster wrapped around the cover 


Teppei Takeda was born in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture in 1978. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Visual Communication Design. Joined Makoto Saito Design Office. Returned to Yamagata in 2005 and studied resin and woodworking at Tohoku Art Institute of Technology. Started painting with the current concept from 2013. Held a solo exhibition "Painting and Painting, Painting and its Painting" at KUGURU, Yamagata City, in 2016.

• Book title: Paintings of Painting

• Release Date: September 3rd, 2019

• Artist: Teppei Takeda

• Editors: Masanobu Sugatsuke, Joyce Lam

• Book Design: Fabien Baron

• Printing & Binding: SunM Color Co., Ltd.

• Details: A4 size / hardcover / folded poster / 80 pages / bilingual text

• ISBN: 978-4-908600-05-0

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